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Photo Albums

Garden Unit Carpentry Work (4 photos)
Garden Unit Carpentry Work Preview Image Some photos of the conditions and the work in progress on gulfside garden units Winter 2010
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Peppertree Bay (10 photos)
Peppertree Bay Preview Image Peppertree Bay
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Peppertree Turtles Hatched (4 photos)
Peppertree Turtles Hatched Preview Image Jack & Judy Hunter captured this photos in front of Peppertree. Thought you would like to see what the Mote Marine volunteer excavated this AM. Before she arrived, 20-30 hatchlings crawled out of the nest and made their way to the Gulf. Many of the eggs in the bucket won't make it, but all the turtles probably will because she left the egg sac (yolk) attached for nourishment as they have to absorb most of the sac to survive .She will take them back to Mote and make sure they are OK to release in the Gulf in a day or two at the predawn hour to avoid predators during daylight hours..She said there is an average of 120 eggs per nest.. Enjoy our August excitement!!
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Rental Program News (2 photos)
Rental Program News Preview Image One of the most commonly asked questions from people who rent their unit privately is “Why should I add a commission to the price of my rental just to pass it on to Peppertree?” As you know, the rental program absorbs costs of running Peppertree to keep your coupon costs in check. Even when there is a private rental by a unit owner, there are always costs to Peppertree. For example, last year a private internet rental resulted in a convicted child molester being a brief resident of Peppertree. Association time and resources were expended to remove this individual from the property. And, in follow up, there were document revision drafts, conversations and correspondence association attorney, a mail out to unit owners who voted to amend our condominium documents to prohibit those who are convicted or, or pled no contest to certain crimes. That took Peppertree time and the expense was an expense of all unit owners. This week a new issue surfaced. A unit owner in 1080 building rented privately to a family. There was no commission to Peppertree, but there are costs. In this case the private renter drove onto the property, and continued over the curb in front of 1080 building, through the hedges, the fence, and into the kitchen of a unit at our neighbor to the north, Aloa Kai. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but a considerable amount of association time (paid by all unit owners) has to be invested to clean up and restore the damages. A substantial hole will be in our fence line until the hedges which will have to be replaced, grow in to the height and fullness of the damaged hedge (probably 2 -3 years of growth). Fencing and posts will be replaced and the sprinkler system repaired. Insurance will cover the damage. Who will cover the Peppertree time to administer this - eight man-hours to date for meeting with the Sheriff’s department, clean up, meeting with landscape contractor, meeting with the fence company, filing an insurance claim with the automobile carrier, interaction with Aloa Kai management, all part of the costs to Peppertree to service a private rental problem. In short, all other unit owners end up paying for the time involved to correct a problem caused by a private rental. So, let’s try to answer the question “why should I pass on additional cost to MY renter (who may never be back) only to see it go to the association? (Owners of Peppertree Bay to offset expenses).” The answer is “Why not?”
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Peppertree Bay Fitness Center (9 photos)
Peppertree Bay Fitness Center Preview Image Our new Fitness Center is ready for use. Featuring three treadmills, ARC Trainer, two Recumbent bikes, and two Elliptical Trainers, all with menu driven touch screens featuring built-in televisions and IPod hook up, multi station weight machine, as well as free wieghts from 2 lbs. to 60 lbs. We have the finest fitness facility on Siesta Key ! Dedication and the official Grand Opening will be Friday, Oct. 21 @ 9:00 AM, but you can try out your new center now if you wish !
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